Monday, November 16, 2015

8 FUN(NY) Tips for a Successful Marriage By My ESL Students

I should note that the tips came from adult, Intermediate-level, male students. (The girls had skipped class that day). More than half are married, and the average age is 35.

I should also mention that they did have some perfectly rational or traditional ideas like making enough money and agreeing on how many kids you want (and how you want to raise) them.


1. Have cute children. Because we all know not-cute kids increase divorce rates. :D 

2. Live far away from the families, but not so far that they can’t come to babysit when you need them to. (Ross agrees. See the Friends episode where Ross tells Rachel her his 10-year-plan for their relationship, even though they were dating for just a few weeks. (My own parents almost got divorced because of in-law issues, so I wholeheartedly agree with this one.)

3.  Just don’t get married if you can help it.

4.  Have kids as they make it harder to pack up and leave.

5.  Don’t be attached at the hip, have separate social lives. Amen!

6. If you’re the guy, always be the one ending the conversation. With “Yes, dear.”  Sound advice.

7.  Buy gifts, and not just on special occasions. But diamonds are called for on anniversaries. 

8. Drink a lot.


You can add your own unconventional or just prefferred tips in the comments.

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