Wednesday, November 30, 2016

14 Fun Survival and Relationship Tips from TNT's New Drama Good Behavior

Juan Diego Botto as Javier (the hitman) and Michelle Dockery as Letty (the thief).

Good Behavior is TNT’s thrilling new drama where a thief/ex-con/drug addict woman hooks up with a hitman to save his next target, but things don’t go according to anyone’s plan.

Least we can do is to learn some fun lessons on survival, dating and relationships in general from the show.

Most of them will be obvious to the rational person, so bear with me. It is meant for good old fun. And let’s face it: Even if we manage to stay clear of the several obvious, we don’t always take the rational road.

And if the tips intrigue you about the show, all the better. You can read my Good Behavior review and plot summary here.


1)  Don’t run away from home before you finish high school.

2) Don’t get addicted to drugs or alcohol.

3) If you are smart and beautiful, maybe try other career paths than being a con artist.  You don’t have to be beautiful to be successful, but looking at least presentable never hurt anyone. And people do tend to be more positively biased toward to more physically attractive, which Michelle Dockery’s Letty is.

4) If you insist on being a con artist and realize you’ve just stolen from a professional hitman, maybe don’t seduce him as a way of saving his target.

5) If you do seduce the hitman, don’t admit you’ve cheated him. In fact, even if you try to save his target, don’t confront him with  a shotgun.

6) If you have cheated him, maybe don’t run away with his car and money.

7) If the hitman knows where your son lives, don’t be an obnoxious brat until you know for sure he won’t come after you or your kid.

8) If you owe money to a hitman, don’t screw up his plans. You might end up being an accomplice to a second crime.

9)  If you try to save someone from a bad marriage, whose husband your love interest wants to kill, make sure they don’t have a Tesla. Teslas are awesome, but you might want to be driving a regular car that runs on gas if you are on a timeline with two dead bodies in the trunk.

10) Don’t cover for a lying junkie even if you are a former junkie. If you take the blame, it will come back to bite you.

11) Don’t be afraid of human connection. But that doesn’t mean you have to be friends with insecure, jealous people who can’t let go.

12) If you found a person who’s genuinely into you and is after your best interest, keep them in your life – just make sure they don’t have deadly career paths.

13) Letty knew what he was going in, but he didn't know what Letty was up to. He introduced himself as a philanthropist. So if a guy this cute, interesting and charming tells you he helps saves lives for a living, do check out him on Google and LinkedIn before falling for him.

14) And for the love of God or whatever you believe in, do learn how to type on a computer! 


There you go. Watching the show? Any more tips? Let me know in the comments.

*All images via TNT.


  1. If you do meet a charming someone and they send you their photo, I've heard it's possible to do a "reverse image search." There was a story recently in a magazine about a woman over here who ended up being shysted out of $10,000. The guy had sent her someone else's photo. If she'd just reverse image searched his profile photo, she would have saved herself a lot of money!

    1. You are right; due diligence is key. But in this show, precaution isn't either of their strong suit. :D She already knows he is a hitman. But it makes for a very sexy and interesting love story - watching two people do things you'd never do. :)