Why This Blog Exists

Relationships have been a favorite topic for well, pretty much anyone. Even when you try to exclude romance and concentrate more on sex, you end up talking about relationships because pretty much they are everywhere. 

So, yeah, I am a girl and I talk about relationships a lot with my friends- both guys and girls, my dates, my boyfriends, family...You get the idea. Any movie genre includes some relationships of one kind or the other. Some of my favorite comedy TV series are based on sex and relationships, such as Sex and The City and Coupling. 

Even though I read, talk, watch stuff about relationships, I didn’t think I’d be blogging solely about them. Not that I didn’t have enough fun things to say, but it wasn’t like I felt like I’d explode if I didn’t.
Today I have, after this ridiculously long, boring and stupid conversation I involuntarily listened to ( I was studying at my favorite coffee shop where a boy and a girl were supposedly studying but the boy had engaged her in a stupid monologue on how men and women can’t really be just friends, even  if they can be, they are not supposed to hang out too much together if one of them is in a relationship…)

Well, this whole male-female friendship thing will be an entire post, maybe an article series even. But I had to mention it here – after all, this is the conversation that drove me nuts.

This guy also used sentences like “A guy won’t let you spend so much time with a guy friend if he really loves you”. I am sorry – “let”? We are talking about two independent grown-ups in a relationship based on trust in the 21st century and did he just use the word “let”????

It is one thing to be disturbed by a unisex friendship when the two friends were involved with each other and/or one/two of them have feelings for one another. In that case, you try to ask the person you are dating not to see that person, but I mean ask as in doing a favor, to you and your relationship. Not “ask” as in “tell”, give an order, control...You get the idea…

Sure, if your friends circle is as “friendly” as the Coupling gang, you might want to draw some mutually agreed-on lines. But in real life, not all friends have slept with each other. Not all friends want to sleep with each other. No one is attracted to someone just because he/she is from the opposite sex.
So, this young guy thinks men specifically can’t be just friends with girls. Oh well, pity on him. He is missing out on great friendships. Half of my friends are men who don’t feel an irresistible urge to sleep with me and I am not exactly ugly or unattractive.

This is me by the way…

I also have male friends who are dying to get married and have babies, as well as female friends who don’t want to get married and/or have kids. Some don’t want to have sex before marriage or not when they are not in a serious relationship, and some can’t get enough of one night stands. Some friends are weird and controlling like the guy whose monologue above drove me crazy, and some know you can be just friends, regardless of the sexual preferences and sexes of the other side. 

And this is not just about friends, but relationships, dating, strangers, lovers, flirting, spouses, sex and anything and everything related to these.

Welcome to a blog that is about dating in the 21st century, with all the quirks, events, mindsets and real experiences. Hope you have fun.