Hire Me: Dating and Relationships Writer for Hire

I’m a freelance writer/blogger. I’m also an avid traveler, a fun obsessed romantic and a feminist. I keep it funny, honest and personal while relating to the target audience.

In addition to running this dating blog, I've been published on The Washington Post Solo-ish, GoWeLoveIt and Great Mate. I also write about other topics, so check out my writing portfolio to see if my expertise fits your needs. I’ve been working as a freelance writer/blogger for hire since 2009, though my writing roots go way back.

Being also an entertainment writer, I do make a lot of entertainment references-which is one of the reasons I’ve been watching Supernatural and why I’ve laughed at Will and Grace harder than people who don’t enjoy good old entertainment trivia.

Men have been known to enjoy my writing too since I do pull some weird parallels like this one: Men Want Porn, Women Need Vampires.

Do you need a regular contributor to your blog? Do you need some dating/relationships content consultancy? Am I the writer for the dating articles you had in mind? 

E-mail me at pinartarhan@windowslive.com, and we’ll talk it out. You can also reach out to me @zoeyclark on Twitter.