Monday, November 15, 2010

Sluts, Manwhores & One Night Stands

This really might solve the memory loss for the guy but what if she doesn't remember either?

Katherine Heigl’s Abby calls Gerard Butler’s Mike a manwhore in The Ugly Truth. Well, he has a dirty mind, a dirty tongue and he does sleep around a lot. But  manwhore sounds a bit harsh, so I am just going to call Mike a slut. Here's how I define a slut: a person who sleeps around too much, has one night stands all the time and has sex on first date a lot- sluts. Obviously, the girls who do these are regarded as sluts in many countries, no matter how liberated or open-minded they claim to be) maybe with the exception of Scandinavia...) So, if women are going to be called sluts, so should men be.

Gerard Butler as Mike in The Ugly Truth - he is posing with the fun-bag twins (a.k.a the girls he wrestled with in Jell-O). Image via

How did this come up? I was sitting in a bar with friends and chatting with a Scottish mate. He kept entertaining us with all the dirty stories he had (you know, stories that you could catch on Sex and The City or Entourage episodes). It was all really fun and entertaining until I realized he was trying to make himself sound like a victim- like the girls forced themselves on him, that any embarrassing result was due to the girl and all that…

He was entertaining me, until he said he could never really date a girl who slept with him on the night they met. It'd be if he just meant that it may not be a great idea to start something meaningful with a person you just went to bed with. But what he means is how can he possibly date a girl who just slept with him right away? You don't date sluts, do you?

Whoa, what? What kind of a double standard is that? I am not the biggest fan of one night stands, but if a guy is going to consider a girl “not relationship material” because of this, there is something very twisted in his logic. When to sleep with a person is a personal and mutual decision. 

But I know one thing for sure. If she is a slut, so is he. And I kept laughing at his face all night, saying he was sooo slutty and not relationship material. He hadn't looked at it like that before.

Now, I am not taking a moral point of view here, folks. I am just all for equity. What is the point of all this? Well: imagine how awkward (and entertaining for us females) it would be, if a guy met the girl of his dreams and he had sex with her right away. Perfect scenario, right? She is hot, fun and impulsive. But then he realizes she is not returning his calls. And who could blame her? How is she going to know he doesn’t do it with every girl he meets? How is she going to take him seriously? Yep, that was sarcasm...

Every coin has two sides, boys. Just so you remember it..

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  1. Girls everywhere and all you emasculated "men" who are trying so hard to be politically correct at the expense of your masculinity, listen up.

    Men and women are equals. This does not mean that they are equal in every single thing they do. For example, men are, on average, physically stronger than women. It is much easier for a semi attractive (even a 6/10) woman to go out and get laid. The same cannot be said about men. Men have to work at it, have some skill (game) and thereby get a woman to sleep with them. It is a LOT harder for an equally attractive man to get women than it is the other way around. This is one of reasons behind why we, as a society, naturally celebrate men who are successful in bedding multiple women; while at the same time shame women who bed multiple men.

    Let us briefly visit the topic of virginity from both perspectives. Virginity in a man is not a desirable state or label when it comes to an attribute that the opposite sex wants. This is because he has obviously not been preselected by other women. However, female virginity is not looked at negatively in the least by men. If she looks decent, no man cares if the girl is a virgin or not. In fact, a female virgin is often wanted more.

    Now don't get me wrong, men LOVE sluts. We will never turn down an opportunity to sleep with a good looking slut. Partly because she's good in bed, partly because it's sex. But any decently intelligent, self-respecting man will know that it is a terrible idea to emotionally involve himself with(i.e. date) a slutty girl. That would be a very dumb move. Why would any man want to get emotionally involved with a girl who's had 15+ sexual partners? We would just be setting ourselves up for failure. There are many nice worthy girls out there who don't have daddy issues and haven't slept with an entire fraternity house. But, by all means, fvck the brains out of sluts in the meanwhile.

    Most guys can detect when a girl is a slut by the first few dates and by what he hears about the girl from other people and from the girl herlself. We put this information together and figure out if she is dating material or not. If not, I like most guys, will still go in for the prize but have no intention of following through with dating the dirty little tart.

    To put it simply, a lock that can be opened by many keys is a useless lock and of little worth. But a key that can open many locks is a master key and is valuable.