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7 Fun & Invaluable Relationship Lessons from the Film Your Sister’s Sister

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Your sister’s sister is a fun, heartfelt romantic comedy/drama about friendship, love, sisterhood and loss. If you want a non-spoiled plot summary and review for the movie, head out to my movie blog. I strongly recommend seeing the movie, so if you want to come back after watching, I won’t mind. Just don’t forget to bookmark this post J

So the plot:

Jack (Mark Duplass) is a nice guy, still trying to recover from the death of his brother a year later. He’s not doing well, so his best friend/brother’s ex Iris (Emily Blunt) sends him to her father’s cabin in the woods to sort himself out. But he finds Iris’s sister Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt) there, trying to get over a break-up. They talk, drink and have fun, and despite being a lesbian, she decides to sleep with Jack. What the hell, right?

Unfortunately, Iris decides to show up the next day, sending Jack into a frenzy to hide their one-night stand Hannah is amused, deciding that Jack has feelings for Iris, though he denies it. Irish later confesses to her sister that she might be in love with Jack.  Upon hearing this, Hannah decides to keep the night to herself too.

There’s just one problem: Hannah wants to get pregnant, so she might have “rigged” the condom.


It’s a toughie: to have a potentially pregnant sister, fathered by the guy you love, who happens to be your dead ex’s brother. So you have problems regardless of Jack’s feelings for you. Of course Jack is in love with you too, but with a dead brother, he will make sure you make up with your sister first. Still, a lot of the drama can be avoided (for real life. For the movie, the amount/intensity of conflicts were just right.) if you just share your feelings with your sibling and the object of your affection.

So below are 7 fun, but essential, pearls of wisdom inspired by this lovely film:

1) Keep your sibling up to date about your relationship status. Your sister deserves to know if your boyfriend/girlfriend is suffocating you. It’ll relieve you too.

2) Keep your sibling up to date about your feelings for your best friend. Hannah wouldn’t have slept with Jack, had she known Iris’ feelings.

3) Don’t try to get pregnant by your sister’s best friend without telling the guy. Obviously it’s always unfair to get pregnant under false circumstances and without letting the guy know. It’s especially atrocious if he’s in love with your sister and she’s in love with him.

4) Don’t try to get pregnant by your sister’s best friend without telling your sister about this idea first.

5) Don’t get hammered and sleep with your best friend’s sibling if you have feelings for the best friend.

6) Get suspicious if your bestie’s lesbian sister suddenly wants to sleep with you. Emphasize on the word lesbian.

7) Assuming that you somehow found yourself in this dilemma, let your best friend know before he/she learns it from somebody else.

Have you ever been in a tricky situation regarding your sibling and/or best friend? Please let us know in the comments.

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