Thursday, October 21, 2010

12 Things in a RelationshipThat Should Make You Bolt

Relationships start on a good note. Both sides seem willing to make gestures and necessary compromises. However the honeymoon period eventually ends and couples are faced with the true personality of each other. People tend to relax after they have settled in to a relationship. However, there is a very fine line between settling and taking the other person for granted. There is also a fine line between relaxing too much and driving each other nuts with extra attention.

Below are the warning signs that should make you run for the door.
1.       He is calling 10 times a day. Unless you are dying or dealing with a sickness, there is no logical explanation for calling someone 10 times a day. It suggests obsessively controlling tendencies over your life.

2.       If she is calling once in every 10 days. You keep calling her but she is barely calling you back. Unless you are in a fight, she shouldn’t be playing hard to get. You are in a relationship because you wanted to communicate with this person regularly. She should be wanting to hear from you.

3.       If he is overly possessive and/or jealousy. Jealousy and Possessiveness are no prettier than the ugly step sisters of Cinderella. It indicates lack of trust, both in one self and both in each other. And if you don’t have trust in a relationship, you shouldn’t be in that relationship at all.

4.       If she is overly controlling. Another ugly step sister or brother to jealousy and possession. Sharing your email and facebook passwords, using joint accounts, checking each other’s messages, getting paranoid every time someone from the opposite sex calls or texts.

5.       If he is placing extreme importance on your physical appearance while not taking care of himself at all. Hypocrisy and one-sided demands are not attractive qualities. Many men love the idea that their girlfriends should be fit, stylish, well-groomed and well beautiful. It is understandable that your partner needs and wants you to look your best- so as long as they are willing to put in equal effort into their looks.

6.       If she is constantly criticizing you, comparing to other people, especially to her friends’ or acquaintances boyfriends. You are your own person and the only benchmark relationship should be your own.

7.       You can’t remember what attracted you to him in the first place. When you first met, he was sweet, considerate, romantic and loving. However he has turned into a selfish, inconsiderate and an ever-practical human being. Either ask for the guy at the beginning to make a come back or pack your bags. This is not what you signed up for.

8.       She is not there for you when you need them her though you have always supported her. A relationship is a two-way street. Everything should be mutual. There is something very wrong if you are feeling lonely in a relationship.

9.       He doesn’t have faith in your relationship. If he doesn’t think it is not worth fighting for, listen to him. It means he doesn’t want to put an effort. Neither should you.

10.   She is suggesting threesomes and open relationships. Boys are often stereotyped as sex-crazed people who would love to have threesomes, which means they want to sleep with two women at once. However, there is another side to the coin, depicted very well and funnily in the British sitcom Coupling. Womanizer Patrick decides to dump his new girlfriend because she has rejected the notion of threesomes. However he is glad when she ”comes to her senses” and admits that she is seriously considering it and says it will be fun. So she tells Patrick that she will arrange  their partner. But Patrick is terrified at the sight of the third person. It’s none other than Jeff, his mate. The next time your partner suggest a threesome, make sure they can visualize how disturbing it can be. If all else fails, bolt.
11.   If he is constantly and openly lusting after other people when they are with you. This one need not be explained.

12.   If she is valuing her time, dreams and career vast over yours. Both of you are equally important as individuals.  Don’t underestimate your life or overestimate hers.

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