Friday, December 24, 2010

11 Wrong Reasons to Have Kids

I have nothing against kids, as long as they cute and sweet. But 90% of the time I am inspired to write ads for condom brands - and I see children everywhere that would make the perfect commercial to scare anyone into wearing condoms (I double-majored in advertising and I am a writer so my mind does work in weird ways). 

  Image via cartoonist Dan Rosandich.Cartoons can easily be licensed for your books, newsletters, web and Facebook pages, presentations and much more. cartoonist Dan Rosandich also offers in depth information regarding the business of cartooning on his cartoonist blog.

There is of course the rare occasion when I picture having a kid, but that fantasy also features Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the father so I don’t see that happening. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Inspired by my own mindset, as well as a couple friends’, I wrote an article about how to know when you are not ready to have kids. Consider this one a sequel article.

It seems like more and more people are having more babies than they can take care of so it is getting impossible to get a quiet (=no kids zone) time apart from a library. I can so relate to Samantha’s  no-kids- allowed-restaurant fantasy. It is all very well if you are truly ready for kids- both emotionally and financially, fine. Be my guest. But many people seem to have babies for all the wrong reasons. Here’s the list:

  1. ·         Because the parents won’t shut up.
  2. ·         Because the in-laws won’t shut up.
  3. ·         Just to please your spouse/lover.
  4. ·         Because you think you are running out of time.
  5. ·         Just because everybody else is having them.
  6. ·         Because models made it look so cool.
  7. ·         Because society wants you to.
  8. ·         Because all your friends are having them.
  9. ·         Because you are against abortion.
  10. ·         Because you happened to get pregnant and decided to roll with it.
  11. ·       Because you can.
If you could have a customized kid, though- I’d love to have the adorable 4-year-old in Jerry Maguire or the kid in The Blind Side. Other than them, thanks but no thanks.

So, where do you stand when it comes to having kids? Are you for or against? Why?


  1. yep, his genes are passed on to the next generation, worry not:) he had a kid with one of the former cast members of One Tree Hill.

  2. Nice for the kid! He is Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
    (get the Jim Carrey reference? :D)

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