Saturday, February 18, 2012

So What’s Your Number?

What’s your number? = How many people did you sleep with?

At least it is so according to the 2011 romantic comedy What’s Your Number starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans. It tells the story of Ally (Anna Faris) who panics about her number being 20, and decides to stay at that number by trying her chances with all of her exes, to see if they blossomed into husband material.

Chris Evans and Anna Faris

Yeah, the idea has many problems: that she doesn’t consider that the relationships were over for a reason and that her number is strictly her business. Not her sister’s, not her dates’ and not her friends’. Of course it takes a while for her to notice this.

As she tracks her exes one by one with Colin (played by Chris Evans)-her sexy but slutty next-door neighbor Colin, he tries to make her see these valid points.

Of course we can’t blame Ally for not taking him seriously. As funny as he is, their whole agreement is based on Ally hiding him from the girls he had one night stands with. And since Colin does comment on bedding Ally once in every couple of scenes, Ally (unsurprisingly) never considers that the best relationship she will ever have might be with the one guy who hasn’t had a relationship in his life.

What’s Your Number CONS : Bad Relationship Ideas

Yes, you can attack the movie from several points:
  • Why doesn’t this 30 something woman know what she wants?
  • Why doesn’t this 30 something, supposedly smart woman (Anna Faris) stop living her life in the boundaries set by girlie magazines and her friends?
  • How was she stupid and desperate enough to have slept (and tried to get back) with all those losers? I have nothing against her number, it is just that if you add the most of those guys together, you still don’t get a one decent, likeable guy?
  • How does a 30-year-old gorgeous guy (Chris Evans) not exposed to at least one relationship during his entire life?
  • Are we really expected to go with the same old story that a man will only fall for you after you weren’t romantically & sexually interested in him? Let’s face it, Ally turned him down like 5 times before they made out. 
  • And why does every woman in every single movie want to get married and make babi

But then again, we can also embrace the movie for several reasons:

What’s Your Number - PROS = Good Things about The Movie (Relationship)
  • Before Colin and Abby fall in love, they are friends and the naturalness of their relationship, the no-BS, zero-pretending part makes it a situation to be desired. 
  • Colin represents the modern male who doesn’t care what others think or want- that what matters is what you want to do with your own life. And he doesn’t stop sleeping around because somebody thought it was wrong. He stops because he wants to be with Ally. 
  •  He also finds it laughable that Ally should care about her number.
  • The girl does find love with somebody new, decent and gorgeous. In the end, she doesn't settle. Not one bit.

My Number Is…

Absolutely no one’s business: ) 

And it is an extreme deal-breaker if a guy thinks he can do whatever he wants and the girl should sit at home and keep her number in single digits. It is also a deal breaker if one of the sides try to add numbers to the equation while in a supposedly committed relationship.

I just believe that you owe it to your partner to stay at the number and not sleep with anybody else while you are together. That’s is all I’m concerned with when it comes to numbers.
Oh, unless of course you are the open-relationship type. That’s an entirely different story…

What’s Your Take?

You can talk about the movie, or your take on numbers or both. 
Do you care how many people you slept with? 
Do you care how many people your partner slept with? 
Is it better not to know?

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